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Restaurant, & Bar
Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

Restaurant, & Bar
Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

Security Guard Services

Restaurant, & Bar
Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

The safety and security of your business are probably one of your top concerns as a restaurant owner or manager. After all, a secure environment is crucial for the health and safety of your employees and clients, as well as influencing your company’s overall success. 

Our restaurant security services can help with that. We have the knowledge and resources to help keep your business safe and secure and we are aware of the particular security challenges that restaurants experience. 

The team of skilled security experts at METRO Security is committed to offering your restaurant the best possible safety. We have a solution that meets your requirements, whether you require constant monitoring or just someone to check in after hours.  

Our security officers can help you create a warm and friendly environment for your visitors in addition to preventing theft and vandalism. Any queries or issues raised by your clients are gladly addressed by them. 

With a personalized security plan, you can make sure your customers and employees are safe and discourage trespassing, vandalism, and theft. 

In a perfect world, restaurants would be places where people could go to relax with their families and friends at the end of a busy day, have fun, and talk while enjoying a delicious meal. It is the job of every restaurant manager and owner, no matter what hours the business is open, to make sure that they have a deal with a reliable security guard company. This will make sure that customers and guests can eat in peace and without being bothered. It will also protect workers, customers, property, and vehicles as much as possible. 


Customers usually drive their cars to restaurants. Licensed security guard services are not only a sign of status, but they also keep parking places safe and give customers peace of mind that their cars won’t be stolen or damaged in other ways. 

METRO Security will evaluate, customize, create, and put into place the best and most cost-effective security processes based on what you want and what we know.  These procedures are meant to make your security policies as efficient and effective as possible and are made specifically for your building. 

Our Restaurant and Bar Security Can Include Any or All of the Following Services: 

  • Door Supervision 
  • Bag and belonging search 
  • Conflict mitigation 
  • Lock up and alarm 
  • Parking lot security 
  • Evacuation planning 
  • Emergency evacuation 
  • Fire watch 
  • Crowd control or movement 
  • Activity and incident reports 
  • Foot, bike, and vehicle patrols 
  • Customer service 

Additional Benefits Included When Hiring Restaurant Security Guards 

There are other reasons why hiring security guards for a restaurant is a good idea. Because restaurant security guards are bonded and insured, restaurants can feel safer knowing that their workers and customers are safe in dangerous situations. 

Our restaurant security guards are also trained to deal with places with high crime rates and lots of tourists, where robberies are more likely to happen. This means that security guards for restaurants in these areas will be on duty longer and will act more quickly and aggressively if needed. As a bonus, they are bonded and insured, so you can rest easy knowing that you are fully safe and in good hands. 

With our professional restaurant, bar & nightclub security services, you can safeguard your eatery and provide your patrons with security. 

The goal of METRO Security Guard Services Company in Houston is to offer security solutions that are tailored to your specific Restaurant or hospitality facility. 

If you are looking for a security company to protect your restaurant facility with: 

Unarmed Security Guards
Armed Security Guards
Temporary / Part-time Security Guards
Or Mobile Patrol Security

Then call us at 713-425-3778 or click to Contact Us or Request A Proposal. We will be honored to assist you.