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Fire Watch
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For Hire In Houston, Texas

Fire Watch
Security Guards Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

Security Guard Services

Fire Watch
Security Guards Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

If you own property in Houston, TX, and your building has a working fire alarm system and/or a water-based fire protection system like a sprinkler system, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Texas law require you to set up a fire watch in case the system stops working.

Many things can cause a fire to start, such as carelessness, ignorance, a power outage that stops the fire alarms from working, or a problem with the sprinkler system.


So, it’s important to hire a fire watch security guard service that helps reduce the chances of a fire.

What is Fire Watch Security?

As outlined by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) NFPA article 101-3.3.91 defines Fire Watch as follows:

  • The assignment of a person or persons to an area for the express purpose of notifying the fire department, the building occupants, or both of an emergency.
  • preventing a fire from occurring.
  • extinguishing small fires.
  • or protecting the public from fire or life safety dangers.

When do you need Fire Watch Security Guard Services?

  • If you don’t have firefighting equipment in place. Our fire watch guards patrol the site 24/7 throughout the year. We identify all the fire hazards and promptly alert the fire department in case of a fire outbreak.
  • If you’re organizing a business event and want to ensure everything runs smoothly and no one is put in danger
  • If you’re running a business and are obligated to hire a fire watch service to avoid fines
  • If you’re running a high-risk business
  • To minimize liability

We Offer Fire Watch Services in Houston for:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Events
  • Parks
  • Construction sites
  • Factories
  • Shopping malls
  • Education facilities (colleges and schools)
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes

Why Choose METRO Security Guards?

  • Quick Response: We have watch patrols in Houston ready to go as soon as you call. We promise that your guard will show up on time and be ready to do his job.
  • Fully Equipped: Your fire watch security guard will arrive on your property with everything they need.
  • Fire Marshall Compliant: As required by city and state laws, your fire watch patrol will keep a log and keep an eye on the area.
  • Emergency Trained: All our fire watch officers are trained to spot dangers and work with the local 911 authorities.


Frequently Asked Questions

A fire watch guard is a trained and experienced professional that you can hire to walk around your building or estate and look for fire hazards.

Fire watch guards work in shifts so that the building is always watched. They keep an eye on the areas you want to protect and call the fire department right away if there is a fire.

METRO Security Fire Watch Guards Prevent Fires

A fire watch guard’s job is to prevent fires and limit the damage they can cause. They do this by doing regular checks to see if your fire safety equipment is working properly and by looking for any possible problems. Fire watch guards help businesses that are having trouble with their current fire system and those that want to add an extra layer of security and protection for their property.

METRO Security Fire Watch Protection

Most of the time, our fire watch guards are hired when someone thinks there is a good chance a fire will start at a certain place. This can be caused by a broken alarm system or by things like welding and flame-cutting that are used in buildings. Our fire watch guards check for fire hazards in businesses that want to protect their employees, property, and equipment (and possibly avoid fines).

Fire Watch Protection in Houston You Can Count On

There are real risks of fire, and you can never be too ready. Even though you have a fire alarm and a fire extinguisher, this is not enough to keep you and your business safe. Whether you want to make sure a big event goes well or you run a high-risk business and want to make sure everyone is safe, our fire watch guards at Metro Security Guards are ready to protect the area.

There are a lot of things that can start a fire, including hurricanes, natural disasters, broken appliances, improper use of appliances, and wiring problems. Arson is a common cause of fires, but carelessness is also a common cause (setting fire on purpose). Our fire watch guards look for possible dangers and get rid of them.

The Fire Watch Officers at METRO Security Guards Will:

  • 24/7 Monitor your building and/or facility for potential fire risks.
  • Patrol the premises regularly to keep a lookout for fire hazards or other possible dangers.
  • Inspect your anti-fire equipment to ensure readiness and check the operation of fire alarms and sprinkler systems.
  • Maintain detailed logs/records during each round of patrol
  • Cooperate and support and communicate with municipal fire departments in case of fire outbreaks.

METRO fire watch security guards reduce the risk of a fire by finding all the possible sources of fire and dealing with them before it’s too late. To make sure everyone is safe, we follow the clear instructions we are given. If it’s not 100% safe, we don’t put out a fire by ourselves. Our orders might be different from one place to another, but safety is always the most important thing. Contact us for more information.

If your fire alarm and/or sprinklers aren’t working right, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) may tell you to hire fire watch guards. To be more specific, you must have a fire watch guard if your fire alarm system is broken for 10 hours or more in 24 hours. In this case, you need to call the fire department. That means that any building or facility with a fire alarm or sprinklers must fix any problems right away.

Compromised Fire Alarm

If your fire alarm system is not operational, you need a fire watch guard. Many things can go wrong with your fire alarm or sprinklers and make them not work (mechanical or electrical). In these situations, the law says you have to have a fire watch guard on-site to limit your liability, avoid fines, and protect everyone from a possible fire.

Fire Watch Patrol

During a fire watch, all of the areas in question are checked to see if anything is out of the ordinary. If the fire watch guards see anything that could start a fire, they must call the fire department right away. The fire watch guard also keeps a log of everything that happens.

The fire watch can’t stop until the system is back up and running. Once the problems have been fixed and the fire system is working well again, the fire inspectors will check the building to make sure everything is working. Once they’ve made sure that everything is working well, they don’t need the fire watch anymore.

Contact METRO Security Guards for more information on Fire Watch Security Guards You should contact us

A fire marshal oversees training and safety when it comes to fires. They are usually part of the fire department. Their jobs include making sure fire codes are followed, finding out where fires started, educating the public, analyzing and reporting fire incidents, and even looking into cases of arson. Fire marshals may be sworn officers of the law, and it is their job to make sure the Fire Protection and Prevention Act is followed.

Yes, The Fire Marshal Can Fine You And Shut Your Business Down

If you don’t meet the minimum safety standards, the fire marshal can give you a fine. These rules and fines may be different from state to state, but if you don’t meet the minimum safety requirements, you could be fined.

If the fire inspector checks your property and finds that you haven’t met safety standards, they may give you a notice that serves as a warning so that you can fix these problems within a certain amount of time. This time, you won’t get a fine. If you don’t make the changes, you will have to pay a fine.

Making sure you meet the minimum safety standards not only protects your employees and your property but also keeps you from having to pay a fine. By hiring a METRO fire watch security guard, you can avoid fines and make sure everyone has a safe place to work. Contact us for more information about our fire watch services.


In case of a fire outbreak, fire watch guards must have access to all the premises of the building. They check all the rooms on a regular basis. Every building owner/manager/employer should have a fire watch procedure template that covers all the important steps to be taken in case of a safety emergency. Protect your employees and your property by being prepared for a fire outbreak. Contact us to get started.

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