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Nightclub & Bar
Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas 

Nightclub & Bar
Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas 

Security Guard Services

Nightclub & Bar
Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas 

Nightclubs and bars need good security to make sure that everyone who works there and goes there feels safe, protected, and at ease. If a bar doesn’t have a security plan, it’s easy for things to get out of hand. Most bars have a lot of drinks and a lot of people who are upset. When people mix the two, they sometimes make bad decisions, which can affect everyone in the room. People who are drunk and make bad decisions can hurt your business’s image. 

At METRO Security Guard Company, we know how to deal with different events in bars. By keeping an eye on the door and what’s going on in the bar, we can often stop trouble before it starts. When problems do happen, we can put a stop to the bad behavior quickly and effectively, and if we need to, we can talk to the police. 

Our security guards have been qualified and trained for a long time. They are taught CPR and fire safety and have been tested for drugs. Our team is insured and covered by worker’s compensation and injury liability. The expert security guards from American Protection Bureau are ready for anything that could happen at your bar and have the right tools. 

Benefits of Hiring METRO Security Guards for Your Nightclub or Bar 


METRO Security Guard Company works with your nightclub to make a security plan that fits your needs. We want you to know what is going on at your business, so when we are there, we use two-way radios to stay in touch with your employees. 

We can give you more protection when you have a special event at your bar. We have enough people to cover your big event, and we can post people as fire guards, greeters, social media monitors, door guards, and EMTs. 

A  bar or nightclub needs to keep an open line of contact with the local police. Our team handles these conversations so that your staff can focus on other tasks. 

We work hard to keep problems away from your bar because it’s important to your business that people like you. We also go to community board meetings to make sure we know the latest rules and policies that affect your business so we can speak up for it in meetings and platforms. 

Your business may run longer than standard business hours, so our security services aren’t just available during the day. We can send security guards on the weekends and at night, and we can also set you up with a state-of-the-art video system that can be watched around the clock. 

Security Guard Services Adaptable for Your Nightclub or Bar 

METRO Security Guard Company provides nightclub and bar security services to all kinds of establishments. Our staff can protect your quiet neighborhood pub or a boisterous club that doesn’t get busy until the sun goes down. We watch bars of all sizes, from cozy one-room establishments to sprawling multi-level structures, and our security team has the manpower to cover your area completely. We have enough team members to send extras if a last-minute need develops. 


Our security guards are available at all hours of the day and night to provide you with safety. We realize that a bar’s busiest hours are often at night. In reality, we can provide extra staff when you need it the most, whether late at night or on weekends. Our team will collaborate with your management team to develop a schedule that fits your requirements. We can also increase the number of employees when you have a special event, such as a party, a bar crawl, or a holiday celebration. 

Our security staff is well-versed in the bar industry and can meet all your security requirements. This could include having people monitor the door to keep known troublemakers out and ensuring that everyone who arrives is of legal drinking age. We can also place security personnel throughout your building to keep a watch on what is going on. We can even watch social media to keep you informed of any potential problems. 

Our specialists at METRO Security Company stay up to date on legal issues concerning bars. We remain up to date on current policies set by your local government and act as a liaison between you and law enforcement. We assist you in developing a security plan that meets or surpasses local requirements, and we make every effort to keep you in good standing with your neighbors and community. 


All of our guards know that customer service is a big part of this job because they have been trained well. We’re proud of how well we talk to your bar’s manager, staff, and customers. People who have had too much to drink may try to fight or argue, but our staff knows how to talk to calm things down. We are aware of what our customers want, but we always keep an air of power and confidence. 

With our professional nightclub & bar security services, you can safeguard your eatery and provide your patrons with security. 

The goal of METRO Security Guard Services Company in Houston is to offer security solutions that are tailored to your specific Restaurant or hospitality facility. 

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