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Concert Venue
Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

Concert Venue
Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

Security Guard Services

Concert Venue
Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

METRO Security Services helps our clients’ concerts run smoothly by providing pre-concert planning and security arrangements. We also offer cutting-edge monitoring and GPS technology to handle emergencies. 

A concert venue is essentially a large space designed to hold a large number of people and has limited exit points, which can be problematic if the concert goes wrong.  

This feeling of confinement can be troublesome at times, particularly when drink or other narcotics are involved, or when the event itself has the potential to stir passions. The crowd at a music concert may become disorderly very quickly. 

Given the recent increase in concert venues being targeted by terrorists and other anti-social elements seeking to disrupt societal harmony, it is becoming increasingly important to terror-proof venues and create a fearless environment for concert-goers. 


Adequate security is now considered the norm. Security guards can help secure the concert perimeter, manage the crowd, direct traffic, and ensure that everyone who attends the concert is safe and having a good time. 

What METRO Security Guards Do To Protect Safeguard People & Property? 

One of our goals is to solve clients’ security problems, therefore we work hard to deliver on that front. 

METRO Security Services can offer concert event venue security solutions that could include: 

  • security evaluations and pre-concert preparation 
  • primary or secondary security detail for performers such as musicians, singers, crew, etc. 
  • coordination with event or venue organizers, management of the site, etc. 
  • control of entry and identification of participants or spectators, if at all practicable. 
  • security at the entrance of a stadium, building, or other types of designated park, etc. 
  • mobile security patrol guards 
  • coordination with applicable vendors and service providers for the show and venue 
  • preparation for emergencies and evacuations inside concerts and other venues 
  • analysis of all exits leading away from the concert or venue 
  • coordination between emergency services and law enforcement agencies 
  • patrolling parking areas and monitoring parked vehicles, trucks, etc. 
  • keeping track of inventory equipment and access 
  • passive crowd control 
  • cutting-edge monitoring and GPS imaging via our mobile Command Center 

METRO Security Personnel Assist in Providing Crowd Control during the Concert 

Large groups of people have a higher propensity for acting in a disorderly manner. It is necessary to seize control of the situation before things spiral out of control to forestall undesirable outcomes such as stampedes and aggressive behavior on the part of others.  


The members of our security team are trained to keep a vigilant eye out for potential threats and to respond appropriately to any situation in which they find themselves. In this way, they can forestall the onset of potentially disruptive incidents. 

Our Security Personnel Controls Access for Entry in Restricted Areas 

It is common practice for fans to congregate in the vicinity of the backstage and VIP sections in the hope of catching sight of their favorite performers. Because there have been incidents in the past in which fans have physically harassed celebrities, our security personnel keep a very close watch over places that are barred from public access. The protocol that was established by the event organizer is followed by those monitoring the entry and exit points. 


Our Security Personnel Will Expel Those Who Cause Trouble 

METRO security personnel has the necessary training and authority to handle any unfavorable circumstances that may arise. This may be a reference to rowdy fans or the possibility of a protest from unwelcome groups. When a situation like this arises, the security personnel at our venue are very than qualified to remove the disruptive individuals from the premises. 

It is unacceptable for there to be any security breaches at a performance or venue of any kind, much less for the situation to deteriorate into mayhem and bloodshed. From a safety and control point of view, events such as concerts and venues ought to be able to proceed in a manner that is both predictable and under their direct supervision.  


For this reason, the administration of security during these events is of the utmost importance. 

Let us handle the security responsibilities of your concert event. 

Our dedicated team works closely with event producers and coordinators to meet all security goals. 

Looking for a security company to protect your Concert event with: 

Unarmed Security Guards
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Temporary / Part-time Security Guards
Or Mobile Patrol Security

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