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Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

The best alarm and monitoring systems are the first line of defense for your business, your employees, and your property. Even though these systems are powerful on their own, you need an extra layer of armed security when you’re protecting valuable assets. You need to be sure that your business and property have the best security and protection available. 

At METRO Security Guard Services, we know how important it is to have armed security guards keep dangerous criminals away from your business’s property and valuables. Your safety and security are our top priorities, and we work hard to make sure that you and your property are always safe.  

A safe place of business makes you, your employees, your customers, and your guests feel safe. Our well-trained, armed employees are dedicated to making sure that your workplace and business property are safe from outside and inside threats.


This is clear from the first meeting we have with you to find out all your security worries and address them. Then, we decide quickly and effectively on your security plan and the number of armed security officers you need. 

Our armed guards do a lot of different things, like patrolling your property, looking for threats, keeping track of security risks and reporting them, and working with law enforcement during security breaches and other emergencies. 

Deciding On A Security Services Company For Armed Guards 

There are many reasons why you might need armed security guards to keep your business safe. For example, if your business deals with highly sensitive information, is in a dangerous area, or deals with expensive items, you might need armed security guards. 

Armed security guards give your business and building the full protection they need. You can go about your day-to-day business without worrying about threats that could get in the way. 

Armed security guards get a lot of training, which makes them great at protecting important office buildings, private events, executives and VIPs, and residential complexes. Armed security guards are all carefully picked based on their skills and ability to deal with a wide range of bad situations.


At METRO Security Guard Services, our armed security guards are highly trained to quickly identify and respond to potential threats on your property. They use their tactical skills and force as necessary to ensure the safety and security of people and property. Their constant training in handling and using weapons in emergencies makes them the best choice for protecting businesses and work sites.

We are proud of the level of training and experience our armed security guards possess. They can handle all types of security challenges and protect clients and businesses. You can also hire temporary security guards from us to keep your events and conventions safe when they are armed.

We are proud of the level of training and experience our armed security guards possess. They can handle all types of security challenges and protect clients and businesses. You can also hire temporary security guards from us to keep your events and conventions safe when they are armed.

Please note that our armed guards use force only as a last resort, after other measures have been exhausted, and they always act responsibly when using force.


Our armed guards can handle security threats in different places because they have specialized training and a lot of experience. We can provide the highest level of security for any situation or premises, including: 

    • Office Buildings & Campuses
    • Construction & Work Sites 
    • Hospitals and Healthcare Clinics 
    • Residential Buildings and Apartment Communities 
    • Retail, Shopping Malls & Convenience Stores 
    • Schools, Colleges, and Universities 
    • Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities
    • Warehouses & Distribution Facility

You may feel secure in the knowledge that someone you can trust is watching out for you and that threats and hazards won’t have an impact on your business operations, tasks, and creative events when you have the best protection possible against aggressors with experts carrying firearms. 

Some professions require armed security guards with the training and equipment to tackle potentially hazardous situations in an instant. 


You can count on having highly skilled guards keeping an eye on your surroundings and dealing with criminal activity on-site with the utmost professionalism and efficiency when you employ us to provide armed protection. 

Armed Security Guard License 

All security guards with guns are licensed and carry the right papers to prove it. Even though each state has slightly different requirements, they will not get their registration card until they have met certain qualifications and passed certain courses. 

For a person to keep their job as an armed security guard, they must also get updates, training, and refreshers every year. This means that the dates on each person’s registration card need to be checked to make sure they are still valid. 

Armed Security Guard Insurance 

Those who work as armed security guards must have special insurance. Carrying weapons, whether they are deadly or not, increases the chance of getting hurt or in an accident. For this reason, liability insurance should be the best it can be. 

This should cover medical costs, general liability insurance, and anything else related to carrying arms. Also, the insurance should cover any costs that come along with it, such as those that come from a false arrest, libel, slander, etc. 

Armed Security Guards Experience and Background Checks 

You might feel more at ease knowing that our armed guards have substantial experience in the function they’re being expected to execute. Armed security guards frequently transition into their roles with ease from the military and law enforcement, and their backgrounds give their employers comfort of mind.


Before hiring armed security guards, background checks on each individual are crucial and should always be confirmed. 

Choose The Best Houston Security Company For Armed Guards 

Highly skilled and committed armed security personnel are provided by METRO Security Guard Services to defend and protect customers, properties, and businesses from potential threats and criminal activity. 

      • Monitoring risks and maintaining a visible presence to discourage possible attackers from acting. 
      • Patrols on foot and in vehicles to look for possibly undesirable behaviors on the property and in the neighborhood. 
      • Carrying out appropriate checks for entry to private events and confirming crucial information about visitors. 
      • Recording and disclosing obvious security flaws and hazards that criminals could use to gain unauthorized access and conduct. 
      • Keeping in touch with law enforcement officials and organizations at the federal, state, and local levels to report security lapses and crises while observing all rules and security guidelines 
      • Assisting the team and management with additional security chores and key security jobs to increase the overall security of the company and workplace. 


    Rest assured that your business is in safe hands with our armed security guards. Our guards have undergone specialized training and are equipped to handle any threat swiftly, efficiently, and effectively.

    Whether you’re looking for a single, armed security guard or a 24/7/365 team to ensure the safety of a property or person/s, METRO Security Guards’ expertise can provide you with the security solution you need.  Contact Us

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