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Home, Residence, Private Estate
Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

Home, Residence, Private Estate
Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

Security Guard Services

Home, Residence, Private Estate
Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

METRO Security Guards provides private residence and estate security services in Houston and surrounding areas.

Our security strategy is holistic and customizable to include armed or unarmed security guard officers, mobile patrols, alarm response, CCTV monitoring, and access control.

Asset Protection

Estate security guards offer a very visible and effective deterrent that is intended to stop theft and property damage.

For large estates and tiny private homes, we have a great deal of expertise in offering mobile patrols and static protection. We also offer full-service monitoring and quick response.

Personal Protection

Our estate security guards are qualified to keep an eye on entry points and administer complete access control.

Our security guards can keep an eye on CCTV, offer door and gate security, and send out mobile patrols to spot trespassers.

We can provide trained security guard teams to discreetly offer personal protection for you, your family, and any guests at your house.

24/7 Protection

Our estate security officer crews can protect your property around the clock. Security Guards that rotate can handle all facets of security, giving you peace of mind.

Our personnel often offer mobile patrols, access control, key keeping, alarm response, CCTV surveillance, and travel security.

Our Estate Security Guard Services Include:

Security Guards – Armed or Unarmed
Our security officers are properly qualified, trained, certified, and frequently former soldiers with security experience.

To offer a comprehensive security service that adequately protects your person and property, our security guard solutions are adapted to your specific needs and location.

Mobile Security Guard Patrols


We offer mobile patrols for larger estates, which are tracked in real-time by our route software. We’ll locate all entry points to your property and make sure that security is provided at all times.

Effective and very apparent deterrence is offered by mobile patrols.

Access Control


Access control is provided by our security personnel to guarantee that only authorized individuals can enter your property.

Gate and door control as well as rigorous visitor observation, including that of ancillary employees, tradespeople, and other guests who might pose a security risk, are required for this.

CCTV Monitoring


Our CCTV surveillance guarantees a complete view of all access points and crucial locations that need to be secured.

Security Teams that can alternate between the monitoring, patrolling, and other security tasks typically provide CCTV surveillance to ensure that focus is maintained.

Key Holding & Alarm Response


To guarantee that your property is always properly safeguarded, our security guards can respond to alarms quickly day or night.

They can guarantee your security during any incident and offer quick containment and assistance if something sets off your alarm system.

The METRO Security Guard Company is dedicated to providing security solutions that are client-focused and tailored to a particular estate or specific to organizations that own properties in or administer estates / gated communities.

Our goal is to secure your estate, and we’re committed to doing so.

If you are looking for a security guard company in Houston to protect your Estate contact us today.

Unarmed Security Guards
Armed Security Guards
Temporary / Part-time Security Guards
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