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Special / Private Event
Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

Special / Private Event
Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

Security Guard Services

Special / Private Event
Security Guard Services
For Hire In Houston, Texas

METRO Security Company offers security guards, bodyguards, and other specialized services for a wide variety of events and locations, ranging from small to medium to large-scale events. In addition to this, we lend a hand in the process of pre-planning security details and helping for ongoing internal operations.  

METRO Security will provide high-end, professional security guards for your events if you are planning a black-tie affair or if your guest roster includes notable individuals. To complement the image that you are working so hard to convey, the members of our security team will always appear professional. Keep in mind that we want to contribute to the success of your events as an efficient and open member of the team, all while preserving the image of our security team as one that is professional. 


We offer a variety of protection protocols that can be customized to meet your financial and aesthetic requirements. You should know that you can rely on our security staff to carry out all of their assigned responsibilities. They are also capable of handling a wide variety of duties, such as checking bags at checkpoints, taking tickets, reviewing inventories, and always providing round-the-clock protection for the client and their visitors. 

Event Pre-Planning Security Services 

When it comes to the organization of activities, METRO Security is an invaluable resource. When it comes to securing events, developing precise budgets, and putting security guards in their proper positions, we depend on our years of experience. When we are arranging the security for events, we always make sure to take into account the needs of our customers. In addition, we gain knowledge from our many customers and the specific requirements they have, as well as the environments in which we perform our work. Furthermore, we never close the door on the possibility of enhancing or improvising based on any of our previous interactions with customers. 


Do not overlook the fact that we offer comprehensive risk assessments for a variety of locations. In addition to this, we conduct a comprehensive risk evaluation of the location in question. Bear in mind that all of these things are arranged and carried out based on the preferences of the client. When a building must turn its fire alarms offline, we also provide fire watch services for the building. During these periods, our security officers will conduct patrols throughout your building. There is no need for you to be concerned about the additional expense because most the building’s insurance covers this cost. 

METRO Security Guards Services Houston Texas

METRO Security Guards have earned a well-deserved reputation for providing incident-free and highly effective security services over many years. As was stated earlier, both our armed and unarmed security officers, who work in regular clothes or uniforms, receive specialized training for the protection of various events and residential areas.


Our Special Event Security Services Include: 

  • Event protection is both affordable and dependable. 
  • Security is supplied by security officers who have valid licenses. 
  • At various events, security officers may be seen collecting inventories or taking tickets. 
  • Parties for businesses, weddings, concerts, and sporting activities also fall into this category. 
  • Adaptable uniforms for any occasion, from the most informal to the most formal. 
  • encompassing a significant geographical distance. 
  • Protecting Executives and Providing Bodyguard Services 
  • 24-hour emergency response assistance. 
  • Security approaches that are individualized and efficient in terms of expense. 

The goal of METRO Security Guard Services Company in Houston is to offer security solutions that are tailored to your specific special event security needs   

If you are looking for a professional security guard company to provide safety and security for any special event with: 

Unarmed Security Guards
Armed Security Guards
Temporary / Part-time Security Guards
Or Mobile Patrol Security

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